I’m returning to this blog after a while. This semester has been without a doubt the hardest I’ve had in my life. Balancing school, work and life in New York is no easy task, and I barely managed to do so this semester.

Although this semester has been tough, I need to keep pushing and finish all of my classes, and most importantly, Thesis.

After my failed final project, I needed to pick myself up and look again at where I got lost in my process. After talking to Anezka and Andrew, I reflected on where this happened and concluded that this was when I started exploring masks. Looking back, I remembered that I ran into difficulties logistically because I wasn’t able to find a relevant database for my project. After getting tired of researching and thinking about the form, I got curious about other potential forms or paths my thesis could take and eventually just moved on into other potential ideas.

But that is the past, and as a way to move forward I’m picking up from these masks explorations and diving a deeper into potential databases.