Exploring Free Politics by Telling a Story with no Images

For our final activity our team explored Paris through the words we found on the streets. Each of us wrote a story about politics through our personal perspective: Arthur through the eyes of Germany, and Europe; Yue and Max through the lens of China and Juan through the view of the U.S. and America. Trying to find the words on the street challenged us to be creative and poetic about the story that each of us wanted to write.



“Populists are a danger for Americans, but guns are death for our dreams”

“Populists are a danger for Americans, but guns are death for our dreams”


“Do we worship the code or the people?”


One interesting aspect about political freedom is that it seems to be rather subjective.

For example there is a simple four word tag on a wall saying “The violence of the rich” which is not a very clear message. The fact that it is located on one of the big shopping streets in the Marais, where fancy boutiques are a contrast to homeless people asking for food or money, makes it sound like it is a critic to capitalism and some aspects of Paris itself.

In general the contrast is very much visible in the current situation of europe. There are a lot of people seeking refuge who have major difficulties integrating and finding jobs. The right wing populist parties gain more attention. And neo liberal groups of people from powerful companies gain more influence over time.




“Big Brother has come, but liberation is on the way”