For my first 5 in 5 project, I wanted to explore the relationship between color and time throughout a day. To do this, I took a picture every 30 minutes for 24 hours. By doing this, I aimed to find if it was possible to find any patterns or relationships between to photographs. I was not sure what the outcome would be, so the main purpose was also to experiment with the assets (the 48 pictures) and create one final image.


Final image collage with 48 pictures.

Final image collage with 48 pictures.


The first step was taking the pictures, so I set alarms in my phone for every 30 minutes.


With the pictures taken, I compiled the into a collage of vertical strips.


I tried to grab the most interesting section of each photograph to create the final collage. I found that it’s hard to discern any details unless the picture is seen printed in a large format or it’s seen up close such as in the image below.