The start of the MFADT program at Parsons is different from any other program. A month before classes start you are asked to attend a 3-week induction to the 3 different areas where the program revolves around. It’s intense, challenging and fast, and it appropriately called Bootcamp.

Everyday we attended three classes: Web, Design and Code. In each one we looked at the basic concepts of that area and started to get familiar with the main coding languages used. In Web we studied website structures as well as HTML, CSS and Javascript languages. In Design we dived into the basic concepts of human-centered design and practiced rapid prototyping. In Code we learned how to use Processing and its language to give a computer commands and instructions to perform simple tasks.


In the following posts of this blog I’ll be showcasing the final projects I created for each class. I’ll also update this post with the links to the final projects posts.

Go Team Dragonite!
(This was my bootcamp section).