For my final project for Major Studio 1, I’ve decided to explore cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the technology behind this new form of currency. This is a research project in which I will mainly try to answer how design relates to this technology and how designers could potentially help its development. More specifically, I’d like to learn how this currency economy works today for a completely new user and how designers can get involved in the development of both cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

This are some of the main questions I’ll try to answer in this project:

  • What is the bitcoin and cryptocurrency experience for a new user in 2017?
  • How easy is it to generate a profit through cryptocurrencies?
  • What are some caveats of the technology?
  • What are some creative applications for cryptocurrencies and blockchain?

How will this project work?

There is no better way to learn something than by practicing! Therefore, my plan will be to invest a certain amount of money in cryptocurrencies. I’m aiming for the amount I’m investing to be $200 (*cough* I’m a broke student *cough*), and my goal is to generate a 20-25% gain by Wednesday, December 13th. I’ll be posting updates periodically in this blog, and will also be posting a video diary with every entry.

Now, let’s get to it!


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