For my Arduino final I’d like to work on a project I started for my Major Studio 1 class and which I’d like to take further. In this class I developed a t-shirt brand called Pool Party, and part of its development included the design of a pop-up store. Here below, I include a few pictures of the brand and a scale model of what the store would look like.




As the name implies, the story of the brand revolves around having fun and being in contact with the water, one of the 4 elements in our planet. This story is transferred into the logo and the pop-store in various ways. For example, when a user walks into the retail area, the floor would have a especial texture that feels like waves and looks like being in a pool. Furthermore, the art in the walls is inspired in street art, by using a stencil, and mimics the waves of a pool.

One of the main objectives I want to accomplish with the store is to make the experience as immersive as possible. I’m inspired by experiences such as the Daft Punk pop-up opened in Los Angeles, in which the entire store is thought to bring the visitor into the story of the brand. To accomplish the same objective in my store, I’d like to use my knowledge of Arduino to create an LED screen that will present the products’ prices in a cooler, more immersive way. I think that seeing prices so directly in stores is a turn-off for customers, so my idea is to use a microprocessor and an ultrasonic sensor hide the prices until the user gets near one of the items that are for sale. This is a mock-up video of what the behavior would look like:

The idea is to use an ultrasonic sensor so that Arduino know when someone walks by, therefore showing the prices in the table or in any showcase in the store. 

giphy (1).gif

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