Example of the work “Cardon Copy” by Cardon Webb.
Some examples of the work by Jay Ryan of The Bird Machine.
I chose his work to inspire the redesign of my poster.
Final poster designed.


Cardon Copy, a project started by Cardon Webb, takes the self-distributed flyers/tear-offs we have all seen in our neighborhoods and rethinks them. The project involves taking these unconsidered flyers/tear-offs and redesigning them to empower their message with a new visual language.

For my class at School of Visual Arts, we were asked to take part in this project and emulate the process: find a flyer/tear-off and redesign it.

However, unlike Webb’s project, we were challenged to choose a designer we admired and redesign said flyer using their style. For my redesign I chose as inspiration the work of Jay Ryan from The Bird Machine, a gig poster designer and illustrator.